About Us

Gram's Sweet Treats, mother daughter duo, Started as a way to overcome the lingering effects the pandemic had on jobs. With budget cuts stemming from COVID-19. My Mom found herself laid off from a ten year job. I was pregnant at the time, with a then 1.5 year old. Archer was Gram's only grandchild at the time, so she decided to take that time off as a blessing and spend it with him. Around October 2021 Gram said it was time she go back to work. I asked her if I could find something to supplement her income, would she forgo going back to a 9-5? She thought that sounded great and agreed.

We began brainstorming and landed on the newest trend "Freeze Dried Candy". This was back when no one had really heard of freeze dried candy. We had to come up with a name. Because this was mainly going to be something for my Mom, we thought what better than to include her newly acquired title of "Gram". As we began applying for expos and farmers markets, we scored a meeting with the Senior VP of the food and beverage department at the Oklahoma State Fairgrounds. The product intrigued them because they had never experienced anything like it before. They decided to take a gamble on us and offer us a contract, on one condition. We had to become a commercial operation in order to operate as one of their vendors. We knew it would be a hurdle but we left that meeting and started making phone calls. We were able to secure a food truck. We quickly wrote back in an email that we had found a way.A few days went by and we anxiously awaited the response. Finally that email came thru and were told we'd start in just two short weeks. We had a ski trip to Colorado planned the weekend we were supposed to start at the fairgrounds. We cancelled our trip and went to work making candy as fast as we could. I'm pretty sure we worked thru more nights than we slept in the first couple months. We knew right away, we were going to need more room for preparation and began saving. We weren't sure what the larger facility was going to look like at that time but after a whirlwind of a year in 2022, we secured a location and began the build out for a brick and mortar location in Oklahoma City. Since we were now going to have a brick and mortar, we would be able to have a commercial manufacturing license. This licensure has would allow us to expand our operation to wholesale and E-commerce. 

Our brick and mortar opened May 2023, but we're still just a family centered Mom and Daughter operation. Although we have expanded and now have some help, with additional team members, you'll still find us and the kids working the store.

We pride ourselves on quality and customer service. Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. Gram and I thank you. We appreciate your support and look forward to serving you.